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Hello, and welcome to pyramid therapy......

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Hi, my name is Christine. I am a qualified complementary therapist  specialising in therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki. I run my own practice from my premises in Old Road, Boscastle; a beautiful historic fishing port situated on the North Cornwall coast.

I offer holistic treatments that can benefit a wide range of physical and psychological conditions including:

- Stress, anxiety and depression

- Physical and mental fatigue

- Headaches and migraines

- Digestive issues

- Insomnia

- Hormone imbalance

- Muscular tension / soft tissue injuries

- Poor joint mobility

When left untreated any of these symptoms are capable of impacting on our health and wellbeing. They can trigger other conditions or become deep rooted, thereby increasing the impact they have on our health.

Many of my clients have long term, debilitating conditions, or symptoms relating to strong medication which often brings associated conditions. They often benefit from a holistic treatment which is non invasive and makes their symptoms more manageable.

I have experience working with terminal conditions and, previous to relocating to Cornwall, I worked with a team of complementary therapists in a local hospice where we provided adapted holistic therapy to help alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and improve palliative care.

Prior to any treatment I carry out an initial brief consultation which helps me to understand what a client is hoping to achieve  from their treatment and identify any health issues that may need to be considered. With this knowledge I can confidently offer a beneficial course of therapy specific to their needs, and provide a holistic path to physical and mental wellbeing.

About me: Welcome
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