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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have an executive job in IT that creates a fair degree of stress and long working hours. I have been suffering from migraines at least once a week for several years and looked for an alternative solution as medication alone was not helping. Christine advised a three day course of reiki to reduce my stress levels. This has worked very well for me, I have far fewer migraines and when I do they are much less intense. I continue to visit Christine once a month to keep them under control, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Ralph Lawrence

I am an asthmatic, and I have struggled for years with bronchitis and deep rooted chest infections through the winter months that have prevented me from working for several weeks at a time and literally left me fighting for breath. Christine was recommended to me by a friend, and the aromatherapy blend and lifestyle advice she provided has been invaluable! I can highly recommend her as a holistic therapist and will continue to use her services.

Ian Mitchell

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to touch base and say the full body massage worked a treat! My back feels so much better and I have been able to return to work.  I have been following the aftercare advise you gave me and I have been sleeping like a log!

Thank you again and see you soon for more of the same."

Carly Avis

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